Children's Cartoon Studio "KROK" (Kiev, Ukraine)


Sun is the father of the Universe: He gives his love to everything and everyone, and people are his sunny children. Human heart is a small sun. Some people have clouds covering up their suns. Others clean it every day to make it shine brighter they clean with the help of Art. Children are the vehicles and keepers of Art, Light, and Good

Children's Cartoon Studio "KROK" from Kiev, Ukraine was created in 1984 under the initiative of Yuriy Ivanov (a deserved teacher, film-critic, specialist in the field of animation).

Other teachers of KROK are Svitlana Ivanova - an experienced educator, film critics, teacher of filmmaking and studios graduates - Olga Mazina (animator) and Olga Shevchenko (TV-journalist).

Here, young amateur animators create their own beautiful worlds and universes as Krok is somewhat of an Academy of Animation. Children are taught to make animated cartoons using unusual materials, paint with oil, dance, sing, hold philosophical disputes, and even play chess! They lead an interesting and exciting life! Throughout its existence, "KROK" has become a second home for over 3000 children and youth from 5 to 18 years old.

The first success of studio came in 1986. Since 2000, children from "KROK" have been competing with adult filmmakers at international film festivals and have won close to 300 prestigious Grand-Prixs and prizes. Their animated cartoons have been shown in many countries including Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Norway, Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Moldova, Georgia, Japan and others.

Studio KROK is proud of the unique award - Gold Medal of UNICA (Union International du Cinema) which was received for the cartoon "Ballet of 147 leaves (2007). Nobody in Ukraine, not even adult film-director has this Award except for the team of KROK.

The two of the studios most rewarded films are School and Ballet of 147 leaves. School received 17 Grand Prix and First awards throughout Europe, and "Ballet of 147 leaves" won over 10 top honors (among them - Gold Medal of UNICA, Golden Oscar in Norway, the Gold Trophy in the UK, Winner-Roll in Greece, Trophy for the first place in Austria, the First Prize in Ukraine etc.).

Over 100 children of different ages attend KROK at this time. They fell in love with their hard but very interesting matter animation. Kids make their first steps in Art when they are 5-6 years old.

Studio Krok is constantly improving its art approaches and technical base, exchanging its rich experience with foreign colleges.

Studio "KROK", a unique great family, made a lot of good friends in many different countries, and the kids are always excited to meet new fellow filmmakers from all over the world.