Yuriy Ivanov


As a child, I liked to play. I played any chance I gotmaking up little skits and elaborate story lines. I continued playing this way all the way into adulthood, until many people looked at me funny and thought of me immature. At that point, I had to make a decision, and thats exactly what I did when I created Childrens Cartoon Studio KROK. Now I have an excuse to play, to create unfathomable adventures, and to share them with others through the magic of animation.



Svetlana Ivanova


I am pretty sure that the Childrens Cartoon Studio KROK would have never happened if not for Svetlanas unconditional support, complete understanding and deep interest in children. She, who so enthusiastically shared and supported all of my daring beginnings and surreal adventures, is helping to create the much needed atmosphere of warmth and confidence that irreplaceable for any venture involving Art and Children.


Olga Mazina


Once upon a time, when Olga was just a little girl, she had a dream. She dreamt that she was inside a big beautiful building, surrounded by happy, active children who were watching funny cartoons. The whole atmosphere of this place was so full of joy that Olga could not put it out her head. And sometimes dreams come true, especially if you dream really hard! One day Olga was passing by a very ordinary building on Kurskaya Street and decided to stop by the Childrens Cartoon Studio KROK our Kroklandia, as we natives lovingly call it.

This happened in distant 1996. Since then, Olga has become Kroklandias permanent resident.